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Kit Price Gun Contact 5.22M Discounts whit round Labels

 111,50 IVA escl.
Price gun with 1 numeric line with 5 MAXI digits and % symbol (Layout: €234%) Kit containing:
  • 1 Contact Price Gun 5.22M Discounts (Layout: € 234%)
  • 3 Rolls of 1100 round labels with a diameter of 14 mm Fluo Red with Top Permanent adhesive

Price Gun Blitz TM7

 212,00 IVA escl.
2 Lines Price Gun with the first line configured for promotions with 12 endorsements incorporated (Sale, offer, discount, etc ...), the second line 7 digit numerical maxi

Price Gun Blitz WM8 Promo

 229,00 IVA escl.
Price Gun 2 line with first line configured for promotions with 13 incorporated wordings, second line 8 numerical digits maxi. Label size: 37x28 mm Tampone da utilizzare: Blitz W

Price Gun Meteor R2-18 Sale

 79,50 IVA escl.
Price gun with 2 numerical lines with 10 + 8 numerical digits (composition for Sales and Promotions): 1 st line with 10 numerical digits set up for: Initial Price -% discount 2 * line with 8 numerical digits set up for: Final discounted price Rolls: Price Guns Labels 26x16 mm (Rectangular and shaped Wave) Ink Roll originals:  Meteor R

Kit Sales Promotions

 91,00 IVA escl.
Kit Sales Promotions contain: 1 Price Gun5 Price Gun Rolls Labels5 Rolls with 400 Stickers, 3 Packaging with 50 Promotional Price Cards Package: 1 Kit

Price Gun Meteor Promo 3 Lines

3 Lines Price Gun to customize various labels

Kit Price Gun Blitz M6 Maxi Digits Discounts + Fluo Label Rolls

 74,90 IVA escl.
Kit containing: 1 line numerical Price Gun with 6 Maxi digits that print centered on the rectangular 26x16 mm format label.